The Retention/Detention Basin Project

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(The storm water retention basin of Mt Ommaney Creek beside Mitre 10)
JRA, Keep Qld Beautiful volunteers and Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre Management combined effort in the revegetation of the Mt Ommaney Creek Detention Basin is starting to bear results. 
This neglected creek basin, with shared ownership between the shopping centre and Main Roads, was the home of many unwanted weed species until David Curtain, the new CEO of KQB allocated JRA more regular visits of his volunteers.
Without this help, the task of firstly removing tonnes of lantana and weed species trees would have been outside the scope of our resident volunteer work force.  The volunteers donated in excess of 500 man hours of back breaking work with their only reward from JRA being thankyous on behalf of the residents and a sausage sizzle lunch break.  Of course from a tax payer of Australia point of view, they qualified for their unemployment benefits.
Local Jamboree Heights’ resident and tree removalist, Peter Gale of Galeforce Tree Services, then donated his time to chip the trees which in turn was returned to the basin slopes to provide temporary soil erosion control and weed suppression.
The planting of the bikeway perimeter of the basin has commenced with the installation of native trees species which on maturity will supply sun cover for future ground cover plants.  Due to the overhead power lines in this region, trees with height restrictions had to be chosen.
AMP and their landscape contractors, Urban Gardens, then chipped in with plants and soil for garden enhancement on either side the rear Andaman Street entry.  A local resident donated the mature bromeliaed plants.  The volunteers once again provided the labour in establishing these plants and grass and with a commitment from JRA to maintain them into the future.  As with the Andaman Strip, continual watering of these new plants is required through the last 10 months of an enduring dry spell.
The replanting of the entire Basin will be an ongoing program and the extent of this will depend partly on AMP’s contribution to plant purchases.  Already with just a partial completion of the project, favourable compliments are flowing in.  JRA proposed to AMP Management that the authentic appearance of the back entry to their complex should match that of the front entry.  They were not deaf and they have done more than just listening.
JRA has nominated this project as part of our entry in this year’s Spotless Suburb Awards.  Judging was completed recently with winning awards to be presented in August, 2014.
Urban Gardens continue to maintain the grassed medium strip between the shopping centre high wall and our residents along Galleon and Schooner Streets on a regular basis.  Recently an internal fence was relocated which now allows access for larger grass cutting equipment to maintain their land right through to the medical centre precinct.  This open green space is still available for local residents to walk their dogs.  Don’t be deterred by the liability protecting signage – you and your dogs are welcome.
JRA has brought it to the attention of Centre Management that the internal pedestrian crossing that is used by our residents is located at a dangerous intersection and I’m pleased to report that a relocation of this crossing (back towards the Andaman entry) is being investigated.  This would require a new 30m paved footpath along the fence line of the Detention Basin, which will then wind through the soon to be relocated, and then enhanced, tree chipping storage area.
Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre is on the market for a new owner. Regardless of who the new owners are, you can rest assure that JRA will be there to welcome them to our district.  We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the previous Manager, Mr Steven Ihm and his helpful team members for their cooperation over the last 3 years and wish new Manager Mr Peter Cocking success with his new posting and job security for himself and his staff with the potential sale of the complex.
In May this year, once again JRA joined forces with Keep Qld. Beautiful volunteers and the Wolston & Centenary Catchment Group in another project – this time in Wolston Creek Catchment.  The project involved the removal of weed species in the riparian zone of the recently named, Ric Natrass Creek that flows through Centenary Village in Darra of Queensland.  
The exercise was part of a trial by WaCC to encourage the Darra Community Group to become involved in the ecology aspect of their suburb.  BCC also contributed with the removal of 2 truck loads of weed vegetation.
The results could not have been achieved without the 90 man hours contributed by K.Q.B volunteers.
It is now a mater of time to see if the reclaimed site receives ongoing improvements or returns to its original condition.