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23 volunteers fronted for indoctrination in suspect weather before setting out to remove every scrap of litter from the Centenary bikeway from Sumner Road to the Jindalee Bridge.

Volunteers begin gathering for the upcoming clean-up.



The majority of these volunteers were recently arrived citizens of Australia and were attending their first Clean Up Australia Day event and while a good percentage was from Jamboree Heights many other Centenary Suburbs were represented.  These willing workers with ages ranging from 9 to 74 year of age, were joined by four members of the regular Adopt a Road Meyer Family from Jamboree Heights after returning from a similar clean-up of Anzac Park Toowong.


Robin Luscombe and two fellow cyclists, from the Centenary Bug cycle club, provided safe passage by alert marshalling at the front and rear of the group.  Local Sumner Road businessman Mr. Mal Devlin from Lifestyle Lounges and Sofas made an early start by de-littering the roadway between the two roundabouts near his workplace.


By the end of the exercise, 21 bags of litter were deposited in the bin at Jindalee for collection by BCC.

Because of strong attendance, volunteers concentrated on collecting cigarette butts for the first time.  Over the trial zone of 2.5km, 1,800 butts were collected. Most of these had been washed in from the motorway and consequently discarded by motorists.

Jindalee Rotary volunteers were waiting at the finish line to provide much needed food and drinks for the JRA group and the Jindalee Bush Care Group who were well supported by Councillor Candidate Mrs Fran Bell and her crew.


JRA President, Wayne Williams, was ecstatic with the turn up and completed result and never has this section of Bikeway been so free of litter.