Presidents Report 2015/16

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                     JAMBOREE RESIDENTS ASSOC.  PRESIDENT’S REPORT - 2015-2016.



In the later half of 2015, JRA was deeply involved in gathering petitioners for the duplication of the Sumner Road Bridge, being a joint organizer in the Wood Park naming ceremony, again sponsoring a Clean up Australia Day activity and was the recipient of a Federal Government’s Stronger Communities Grant.

The Model Rule amendment as presented at last year AGM, which grants automatic non voting JRA membership to any resident of Jamboree Heights was approved by Dept of fair Trading.




           JRA’s, Sumner Bridge duplication / Centenary Motorway upgrade State Petition.


On the strong support by 2,044 individuals on JRA’s State registered Petition #2396, 2 on-site meetings occurred in December 2015 between senior Dept of Main Roads and Transport (TMR) engineers and a delegation of business and residential petitioners.

At these meetings the petitioners were made aware that there were 10 major motorway bottlenecks throughout the State that required funding, most in excess of one billion dollars.

Sadly, funding for the missing link of the Centenary Motorway between Moggill and Sumner Roads is not one of the 10.

However a section of Ipswich Motorway between Rocklea and Blunder Roads, with the injection of Federal Govt funding, is one of the 10 and this project should commence later in 2016.  When completed, maybe more motorists will prefer this route and avoid the congestion of the Centenary Motorway

The north bound off ramp from Centenary Motorway to Sumner Road, associated intersections at either end of the Sumner Road Bridge and lane re-configuration at the north bound merge of Ipswich and Centenary Motorway are not coping with current peak traffic densities.

Safer pedestrian and cyclist solutions, that would not hinder motorists were also proposed and discussed.

It was agreed that since the opening of the Legacy Way, traffic delays had worsened for inbound traffic on the Centenary Motorway and that alterations to the existing 2011 Sumner Bridge duplication design may need some fine tuning.

TMR made it very clear that with the current unavailability of State finance for road infrastructure upgrades, that funding the Sumner Road Bridge duplication project will be difficult. Their current project priorities are with addressing safety issues and main heavy transport routes with general traffic congestion being relegated. e.g of priorities - The widening and lengthening of the north bound on-ramp to the Centenary Motorway from Mt Ommaney roundabout and the erection of a cyclist bridge over Moggill Road.

For discretionary reasons, all I can report at present is that TMR are fully aware of our congestion issues and until finance is made available, their hands are tied.

The Petitioners can be assured that if funding does become available, their voices have been heard.

Mrs. Smith, our State member for Mt Ommaney has been vocal in Parliament re the gridlock fiasco along Sumner Road and the Centenary Motorway and a separate property owner in close proximity to the bridge has also been in discussion with TMR engineers.

With the recent release of the State Budget, which didn’t include funding for the Sumner Road Bridge duplication, it has become obvious that prioritizing funding for the bridge duplication, will once again be a next term election issue.

As the Registered Petitioner, on behalf of JRA, I would like to thank all those that signed and those business and individuals who assisted with collecting names and attended TMR meetings.

In my many years of involvement in sporting, business and community work, I have never before witnessed a 99% agreement by the public as this petition generated.

Our politicians should take notice.




                                      FEDERAL GOVT. STRONGER COMMUNITY GRANT.


In May, JRA was notified of the success of receiving $15,700 from the Federal Governments Stronger Communities Grant to further enhance and extend Haydn Sargent Place.

A condition of this Grant is that JRA organize volunteer labour, donated plants and business contributions to an equivalent amount.

Vicinity, the owners of Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre is partnering JRA and 2 local businesses have pledged financial or donated assistance under this criteria.

Work in clearing the extended site of weed species vegetation has commenced with an expected planting completion time of January 2017.

We will be officially launching the project on Sunday 21st August with a community planting day commencing at 9am and will be followed by a very brief Annual General Meeting at Noon.

This will be an ideal time to donate any plants that residents may be planning to cull from their gardens.

View for more details.


                                                         WOOD PARK NAMING CEREMONY


At a ceremony on 19th June, the parkland encompassing the home of West Centenary Scouts – behind Good   News Lutheran School – was officially named Wood Park.

The naming was in gratitude of the community service Walter and Elaine Wood contributed to the early establishment of Jamboree Heights.

In 2014, Walter Wood was installed as a Life Member of Jamboree Residents Assoc.

See for more detail.




                                                          CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA DAY EVENT


Late in February 2016, 35 volunteers provided the best attendance of the previous 6 that JRA has organized.

Crews cruised 4km of the Centenary Bikeway collecting litter and others conducted a weed species removal and litter clean up of the Detention Basin in preparation of a successful Stronger Community Grant application.

With the assistance of Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre Management, members of the Green Party and our own residents, 23 bags of litter were collected.

Recently JRA was nominated for the Cleaner Communities Brisbane awards which will be judged in September.

I the past years, JRA has collected 3 awards from the previously named Spotless Suburb Awards.

I wish to thank JRA Executive members, Mike and Lyn for their efforts, Angie for her website administration, Rachel McGill for her Detention Basin planting design plan and various residents that have made a contribution to our suburb.


Wayne Williams