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It is with great pleasure I present the 11th Presidents report of Jamboree Residents Association.

In April 2009 JRA was officially launched with incorporation shortly following. JRA was created through the adverse impact on residents when Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre underwent a major building expansion. People power had some effect in requiring the building contractors to abide by Development Approval conditions which were vagrantly being ignored.

As a result, JRA built up strong cooperative relationships with AMP, the then owners and this continued with Vicinity who followed. Shortly JRA executive will be meeting with Retail First, the now full owners of the centre with the aim of continuing this relationship.
Much has been achieved for Jamboree Heights during these 11 years with the cooperation of 2 Federal MP’s, 3 State MP’s and 2 BCC Councillors and a stable JRA administration team of 2 presidents, 3 secretaries and 3 treasurers.
The major improvement included – resurfacing of 3 km of internal streets – 3 km of footpath construction – 40k/h traffic calming in Andaman Street – replacement of the roundabout with a signalized intersection at Dandenong and Sumner Roads – police cooperation when our suburb was targeted in 2013 for break and entries – the current bridge duplication of Sumner Rd. over the Centenary Motorway caused partly by 2 State Government petitions created by JRA – Creation of Haydn Sargent Place.
In these 11 years, there has been a 50% turnover of residents but unfortunately JRA hasn’t keep pace with a membership drive amongst these new residents. Property values appear to have caught up with our neighbouring suburbs.
In 2011 our residents reacted quickly in helping those 21 residents in Patrol St and Rani Close whose homes incurred minor to major inundation. In readiness for a future flood, JRA created an extensive flood preparation plan concentrating on better action before any flood waters arrive, but unfortunately was not adopted by BCC.

BMD, the contractors building the redesigned Sumner Rd Interchange, are doing a great job in keeping traffic flowing with only minimum delays. The State Government increased the project to M$80 when designers proposed a 2nd new 4-lane bridge to provide a solution that would cope with expected future traffic densities.

Serious construction commenced July 2019 and fortunately for motorists, the traffic flows have been lower than normal due to Covid19 shut downs. JRA is most satisfied with the final design with the exception of the loss of the existing unsignalized north-bound slip off the Centenary Motorway currently used by heavy transport and residential motorists with a destination past Dandenong Road. Under the new design at the western end of the bridges, which replaces the roundabout by a 4-lane signalized intersection, motorists in one of the 2 left turn lanes, waiting for a green light, could now be placed behind a loaded stationary truck on an upward slope. Because these transporters will be slow to gain momentum, vehicles behind may have to wait for the next green. JRA lobbied that a 3rd independent non-signalized slip lane should be retained for trucks and motorists that had a destination past the Dandenong Road intersection.

For the safety of pedestrian, this proposal would necessitate the installation of a signalized pedestrian crossing. Extra roadway width could have easily been achieved by extending the bikeway tunnel by just a few metres.
Once this proposed slip lane entered the existing 4-lane section of Sumner Road, an unbroken traffic dividing line would prevent Dandenong Road bound motorists from crossing over – or be fined for a traffic infringement.
The explanation by TMR engineers to exclude this slip lane was that it would create a traffic safety hazard for the odd west-bound cyclist crossing the new 4 lane bridge. A later explanation given by TMR people was that our proposal would cost millions.
A request by JRA to examine traffic counts on the numbers and types of vehicles that would be inconvenienced by the removal of a slip lane was met with silence. JRA can only conclude that these readings weren’t taken in the original traffic flow counts which were a major factor in the design of the Sumner Road Flyover. JRA also insisted that when original traffic counts were taken that they would not be a true indicator as many of Centenary suburban motorists were avoiding Sumner Road and preferring to exit via the Mt Ommaney Roundabout. Once the flyover is completed -Jan 2021 and motorist return, it will be imperative that the traffic flows 24/7 are monitored and varying traffic light sequencing occurs between the 4 set of traffic lights.

This shouldn’t be difficult as monitoring cameras are located at both the flyover and intersection of Dandenong and Sumner Roads. The new design with the pedestrian footpath now being attached to the most southerly bridge suits the most common route for pedestrians commuting from the Centenary Suburbs to Darra.

A few of our residents who had travelled overseas have experience self-isolation lock downs and the rest of us are practising social distancing. From all reports there hasn’t been a positive case of Covid19 in our suburb.

Only a few years ago our members voted to remove yearly membership but we still have sufficient funds available for yearly incorporation fees for a few more years. While our group has dwindled, it is the intention of the executive to keep JRA registered and incorporated. Many of our residents that reside on the eastern side of Jamboree Heights aligning the Centenary Motorway, still have a major traffic generated noise problem. It is the responsibility of Transport and Main Roads to conduct decibel readings to ensure readings are below 58 decibels. The last monitoring, instigated after an informal petition to our State member, occurred in 2011 and while these readings were high, TMR predicted that with an estimated small yearly vehicular increase the barriers would cope until 2018. Due to the upgrade of the Ipswich motorway and increased population in locations such as Springfield and beyond the traffic density has far exceeded TMR predictions. Readings taken by JRA executives indicate that the 30-year-old dried out and cracked timber of the motorway barrier only dampens motorway noise by 7 decibels. This is far inferior to concrete barriers.

JRA requests to TMR on the frequency that noise monitoring should occur, met with no response.
JRA concludes that the commitment to upgrade the barriers and to replace a 60m removed section of the barrier, will be incorporated with the widening of the missing link of the Centenary Motorway - including another Centenary Bridge - from Sumner to Moggill Roads. JRA will pursue efforts for a more current noise monitoring survey.
Residents might recall that at the last Election our successful State Member, Mrs Jess Pugh, secured $20M funding towards preparation work for this missing link. From what we can gather, part of this money has been spent on resuming several properties abutting the motorway for corridor widening in Fig Tree Pocket. Also, in 2019 TMR released a Business Case Study for a new 3-lane bridge over the River immediately upstream from the existing 2 bridges that now exists – see attachment Probably these actions will incorporate the design plans done in 2008 that include the new Kenmore Bypass and Fig Tree Pocket Rd flyover - see attached. Resumptions from the river to Sumner Road shouldn’t be necessary as there is ample available State controlled land available on the Sinnamon side of the Motorway. Securing the 1$billion+ funding to build the missing link will be more difficult. As the State elections approach, JRA is confident that the Centenary Motorway upgrade as necessitated by RACQ findings, will rightly be high on the vote-for-my-party promise list for all candidates.
In conclusion, I wish to thank Secretary Lyn Muller and Treasurer Dirk Ziolkowski for their support over the last few years.

Wayne Williams
President JRA
Moved W Williams Seconder P Muller