Submitted by Angela Webadmin on Tue, 12/07/2016 - 15:45

On a potentially wet Sunday 19th June, some 60 members comprising West Centenary Scouts/Cubs/Joeys, WaCC members, JRA with local residents, Water Wood with extended family and Cr Matthew Bourke turned up for park activities and the official naming ceremony.

A short window in the predicted wet weather allowed the scouts to demonstrate some of their activities such as damper making and for WaCC to install a further 300 plants in the water course.

The following 75mm of rain was a bonus for the newly installed plants.

The cubs and joeys in particular were captivated by the Gecko Animal Nursery presentation which was moved into the den as the heavens opened up outside.

Walter and Elaine Wood, all volunteers and guests were well catered for by WaCC with coffee van, cakes donated by JRA ladies, damper made on the day by the cubs and plenty of nibblies.

Ed Parker from Centenary Districts Environment Assoc, praised Walter for his early vision of securing, through his lobbying of the developers and government authorities for more parkland and river frontage for the district.

Cr Matthew Bourke also congratulated the Wood’s for their community contributions in the early days of the creation of Jamboree Heights and surrounding suburbs and wished them well in their retirement.

The day was an example of what can be achieved when 3 volunteer groups and Brisbane City Council with different agenda come together.