2016 Annual General Meeting

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As a resident of Jamboree Heights you are entitled to attend any meeting of Jamboree Residents Assoc. At last years AGM it was passed that membership fees be wavered and all residents of Jamboree Heights can be automatic non voting members on application.


This years AGM will be held in conjunction with a community planting day to launch the Federal Government’s Stronger Community Grant through which JRA was successful in being awarded $15,700.

Starting at 9am on Sunday 21st August, residents are invited to assist in the placement of 200 plants in the extended area of Haydn Sargent Place – in the creek basin adjacent to the old Mitre10 building.

Find the JRA marquee near the Andaman St. entry to Mt Ommaney Centre, register and start planting.

If you have any plants that you wish to donate, our Beautification Committee wish to know.

Contact president@jra.org.au


                                                              2016 Annual General Meeting

                                                             Jamboree Residents Assoc. Inc 

                                                   Sun 21st. August - commencing at 12 noon.

                     Venue: In Haydn Sargent Place (In Andaman St near rear entry of Shopping Centre)

                                    Mr Milton Dick, our recently elected MP for the Federal Seat of Oxley,

                                            is hopefully free to attend and officially    launch our Grant.




  • 12 Noon – President W Williams to open meeting.
  • Adopt minutes of 2015 AGM. www.jra.org.au
  • Financial Report presented by M Farlow
  • Presidents Report – visit www.jra.org.au  for what JRA achieved in 2015-16
  • Stronger Communities Report. Visit www.jra.org.au – MP Milton Dick?
  • General business.
  • Election of office bearers.
    1. Mr Wayne Williams is re-nominating as President.
    2. Mrs. Lyn Muller is re-nominating as Secretary.
    3. Mr. Mike Farlow is re-nominating as Treasurer.
    4. We can take nominations from the meeting for Vice President or general committee people.
  • Meeting Close – expected to be completed by 12.30pm.



                                           Join fellow residents of Jamboree Heights for the sausage sizzle that follows.

                                                                                      Visitors are welcome