The Andaman Strip Summer Planting Bee

Submitted by webmaster on Mon, 19/12/2011 - 22:36

A total of 18 volunteers ranging in age from 5 years old and upwards attended over the two days of idea weather and just about all tasks were achieved.  Wolston and Centenary Creek Ranger, Sean Marler and two visitors from neighbouring bush care groups continued creek erosion planting. This creek planting project will be ongoing over the remaining 150 metres of earthen drain as stone becomes available.

  • 90% of the rainforest section is now completed with another 40 mature plantings.
  • 70 metres of mulching completed.
  • Another 30 sound barrier trees as well as 80 callistemon and feature trees were planted. They include 5 species of fruit trees, a bottle tree and 8 pine trees.
  • 150 reed type species were planted to act as retardants for water erosion.
  • Local businessman and camera buff, Ross Steinhart, once again attended to film a visual record of progress:
The volunteers were again well fed and watered by Bruce, Julie and Terry at a BBQ held in the grounds of new recruit Sarah Jacobson.  At the feed break, JRA president thanked all past and present volunteers, Westside Church, various local businesses, our politicians, Land Care, Keep Australia Beautiful and Energex, Gary Johnson for the continuous loan of his utility and especially Murray for his unwavering support over the last 2 ½ years. 
In the week proceeding the Summer Planting “B”, BCC workers supplied valuable mulch and vegetation chipping and Peter Bell from Priority Landscaping assisted with the removal of unsightly timber stumps.
Cr Matthew Bourke, Mrs Julie Attwood and Mrs Fran Bell, the Labor candidate for the 2012 BCC elections, attended and once again gave their moral support.
Cr Bourke during his site inspection announced that BCC workers in the near future will fix up the seepage problem near the Ebril chicane and re-construct 100 metres of new footpath between Ebril and Laptev Close.   These two projects will alleviate dangerous and boggy walking conditions and compliment JRA’s proposal for a bush walk through the Andaman Strip.
Except for a couple of sections of existing heavier vegetations measuring some 60 metres, the remaining 400 metres of the Andaman Strip has now received new trees, bushes and ground cover – total 1,500 plantings.
The beautification team still has $500 remaining of the $2000 Energex Grant to continue infill planting.
The beautification committee is always on the alert for volunteers to assist with the spreading of mulch, infill planting, weeding and watering duties.